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Doctors floored by what they found in newborn's belly

Newborn Has Three Pound Tumor Removed From Belly

A newborn baby is recovering after a 3-lb. tumor was removed from her belly.

Dave and Keenan Sanders noticed swelling in their six-week-old daughterLeighton's abdomen.

They initially wrote it off as gas, but an x-ray revealed a cancerous tumor that eventually grew to the size of a cantaloupe.

Surgeons had to remove Leighton's intestines, including part of her stomach, pancreas and gallbladder, all of which was damaged by the the large growth.

While it appears as if the cancer is under control,
the now 8-week-old still has a long road to recovery.

Surgeons will eventually have to recreate a drainage system in the infant.

Keenan told ABC News,"It seems miraculous to me that they can essentially build a human. That's the end result we're hoping for. It would be a miraculous normal life considering where she is right now."

In the meantime, friends set up a Go Fund Me fundraising campaignto help with expenses. So far they've raised almost 24 thousand dollars for little Leighton.

The family is awaiting tests to see if she is cancer free.